Who Invented Takis? [When, Where & How]

If you love chips or spicy snacks, you’ve probably encountered Takis at some point in your life. Known for their tacos logo and “Papa! Papa!” advertisements, Takis have made a huge appearance across the world. But who invented Takis?

Morgan Sanchez was the man who invented Takis. He was an entrepreneur who founded the Mexican snack food company that pioneered the production and distribution of Takis chips.

But who is Morgan Sanchez, the man behind these delicious chips? Why and where was Takis made and what’s the whole story? You’ll learn everything in this article.

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Who Invented Takis?

Takis are a delicious snack that has been around for over 30 years. But who actually invented the famous Takis?

The answer is Morgan Sanchez, an entrepreneur from Texas. 

He is also known as the creator of many other popular snacks, including Cheetos and Doritos.

After graduating, Sanchez began working at Barcel as an accountant.

After working there for several years, he decided to start his own business selling snacks like Cheetos and Doritos out of a vending machine at local stores near his home in Los Angeles County.

After this initial success with these snack foods, Morgan decided to expand into other areas of food products such as hot sauce packets or even just plain bagged chips instead of just the ones inside those little bags called “bags” by some people.

These new ventures were so successful that they went on sale nationwide only two years after their debut!

Who Invented Takis Chips and Fuego?


The inventor of Takis chips and Fuego was a man named Morgan Sanchez, who came up with the idea after seeing his friend eat a chili pepper. 

Morgan’s friend would bite into them and then eat the seeds, which made him sneeze.

Morgan realized that if he could make it possible for people to eat chili peppers without having to eat the seeds, they’d be able to enjoy the spicy flavor without getting all hot and bothered.

So he did some research and discovered that when you mix salt with chili powder, it makes the peppers taste less spicy. 

He also learned that adding lime juice makes things taste more delicious.

Morgan Sanchez: Inventor of Takis

Morgan Sanchez Takis was introduced in the US by Morgan Sanchez in 2004. 

Morgan Sanchez was an inventor and he invented Takis because he wanted to create a new snack for kids that would be healthy and tasty. 

He created a product that is made with corn, chili peppers, lime juice, and salt.

Takis became popular in the US because of its great taste and health benefits. 

It has become one of the most popular snacks among teenagers today.

In 2004, he had the idea to create a spicy tortilla chip that would be sold in a bag, rather than individually. 

He wanted to create something that would appeal to teenagers, so he came up with the concept of an “extreme” chip where every bite was spicy.

Takis became popular in the US shortly after their release. 

They were originally only available in California, but they soon expanded nationwide and around the world.

When Did Takis Come Out?

So, when were Takis made? They were invented in 1999 and first sold in Mexico, but they were introduced to the U.S. in 2004. 

Takis come in hot and spicy varieties, as well as the original flavor.

Takis have been available in several different countries since 1999, but they only became popular in the US when they were introduced there in 2004.

Takis was first sold in the US in 2004 after the company that made them was bought out by Frito-Lay (the same company that makes Doritos).

Takis are made with corn masa (dough) that is deep fried into a curved shape and covered with an orange powder of chili powder, paprika, annatto or turmeric coloring, and salt.

They are also flavored with garlic and onion powders, along with other spices depending on the flavor of Takis (i.e., habanero). 

The texture is described as crunchy and light, similar to that of a bagel chip or potato chip.

When did blue Takis come out?

The blue Takis flavor was introduced in 2019, and it’s a fan favorite.

Blue Takis are made with a combination of natural fruit juice and chili extract.

They’re also vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and contain no artificial flavors or colors.

The new flavor is so popular that it’s already inspired an entire collection of merchandise — including T-shirts, keychains, and even a limited-edition edible version.

When Did Takis Come Out in America?

Takis was originally introduced to the United States in 2004 as an alternative to traditional tortilla chips. 

The company claims that its products’ popularity stems from their “extreme heat” level.

In 2010, Takis partnered with Mountain Dew to create a limited-edition flavor called Kickstart Orange Citrus Cherry (KOC) Dewshine. 

This flavor was available for purchase in stores and online from June through August 2010.

Where Were Takis Made and Invented?

Takis was invented in Mexico by Barcel. They are a snack food made from corn, flour, and sugar. 

Their name is based on the Greek word for “to party”, which is why they are so popular during parties.

The company was founded in 1989 by Jose Luis Ayala, who came up with the idea for the chips while he was working at a local taco shop in Mexico City. 

He decided to make a version of his favorite snack, salsa, that could be eaten on the go and didn’t require utensils or a plate.

Ayala’s idea for the chips quickly took off, so much so that he opened up his own factory in Toluca, Mexico in 1994. 

The company has since grown into an international success story with factories all over the world.

Why Are Takis So Addicting And Good?

It’s no secret that Takis are addictive. 

What you might not know is why they’re so good, and why are Takis so addicting and make your brain go wild.

Takis contain spices that can trigger feel-good brain chemicals, which makes you want to eat more. 

It’s similar to how sugar and chocolate trigger the release of endorphins (which are your body’s natural painkillers) in your brain. 

If you’ve ever eaten a ton of chocolate or had a sugar rush, then you know what it feels like to have your brain on overdrive—and Takis are no different!

Plus, Takis are also made with cornmeal—which means they’re gluten-free! 

So if you’re looking for something tasty you can eat without having to worry about whether it’ll make your stomach hurt later on down the road, look no further than these little bags of spicy goodness!

History of Takis

The history of Takis dates back to 1999 when the company first started selling its products in Mexico. 

Since then, Takis has spread across the world.

In 2004, Takis was introduced in America and became a huge success. 

The company decided to expand its business and launch a new flavor, which is currently available at selected stores such as Walmart and Target.

The company’s first product was called “Takis Red Chili Pepper”, which is a chili-flavored salty snack that comes in a red bag. 

Today, there are more than 20 different flavors of Takis snacks available around the world, including original flavor, mango flavor, lime & salt flavor, and many more.

In 2011, Takis began selling under the name “Takis Heatwave” in a variety of flavors including Habanero and Fiery Habanero. 

They were also available in larger bags than before.

The company also released a new line of snacks called “Takis Mini”. The mini-sized snack contains fewer calories than regular Takis.

What Are Takis Made Out of?

The main ingredients are corn, palm oil, seasoning, and spices.

The main ingredient in Takis is corn. In fact, there’s more corn in a single pack of Takis than there is in a large bag of popcorn at the movie theater! 

The corn is cooked into the dough and then shaped into little balls. Next up is the seasoning, which gives each flavor its unique taste. 

Finally, some of Takis’s flavors are lightly fried for extra crunchiness. They don’t use any animal products so vegans can enjoy these chips too!

Did Takis Change Their Recipe?

The Takis brand is one of the most popular snack brands available in the United States and Mexico. 

It has been around for more than 20 years and has a loyal following among many people in both countries.

The company did not change its recipe, but it added new recipes and flavors to its existing lineup. 

The company now has more than 20 flavors available in stores across the country.

Yes, several new flavors were released recently: Takis Spicy Chili Pepper, Takis Sweet Chili, Takis Jalapeño Cheese Dip, and Takis Salsa Verde.


I’ve created a list of frequently asked questions about Takis. Please, read it, you may find some interesting information there.

Are Takis Mexican chips?

The answer is yes! Takis are Mexican chips, and they were invented by the company Barcel. The brand now has more than 200 flavors of Takis, including mango and strawberry.

When did Takis become popular?

Takis has been around for quite some time, but they didn’t become popular until the 2000s when they expanded to the US market.

What is the hottest Taki?

Takis Fuego is the hottest one. It’s got a spicy kick that’ll leave you begging for more. It’s made with chili peppers, lime juice, and salt. Its name means “fire” in Spanish.

What is the original Taki flavor?

The original Taki flavor is Takis Original. It’s the green package that says “Takis” on it. So if you’re looking for the flavor that started it all, look no further than the original green package.


In conclusion, the story of Takis is certainly an interesting one. 

Now, when you know who invented Takis, you can do nothing but enjoy it!

Of course, If you have your own Takis story and you’re willing to share it, feel free to leave it in the Comments section.

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