Who Invented the Selfie Stick? [When, Where & How]

With the rise of people taking pictures and videos of themselves, many have asked who invented the selfie stick. Of course, this device has not come out of anywhere and it’s much older than you think.

The first ever photo taken with a selfie stick dates back to 1925 when an Englishman Arnold Hogg took a picture of himself and his wife with a homemade selfie stick. His selfie stick was a wooden pole, long enough to press the camera shutter.

Let’s check out some of the details about the history of selfie sticks as well as when and why they became so popular.

Who invented the selfie stick: What purpose does it serve?

who invented selfie stick

The history of the selfie stick is quite interesting. Arnold Hogg is a man credited as the one who invented the first selfie stick. 

However, his invention is far away from what we know today as a selfie stick.

In 1983, Japanese Mima Yujiro and Hiroshi Ueda patented a Telescopic extender for compact cameras. 

He also developed a stick that could be folded into a small tube.

In 2005, Canadian inventor Wayne Fromm applied for a patent on his telescoping monopod with remote shutter control. 

He called it Quik Pod. Quik Pod quickly became popular across North America and Europe.

In 2012, Wang Ming patented a selfie stick capable of holding smartphones. 

It is a handheld, extendable camera monopod designed to enable the user to take selfies from a distance.

Why was the selfie stick invented?

According to Hiroshi Ueda, an inventor who patented a telescopic extender, it was invented to ease photographing and tourist sightseeing all around the world. 

He said he wanted to find a convenient way of taking photos while he was visiting Europe with his wife.

Today, the selfie stick has been popular among tourists because of its convenient nature, but it also has plenty of other uses. 

It can be used for photography, videography, sports events, concerts, and even as a portable tripod for your phone or camera.

How has the selfie stick impacted society today?

The selfie stick has been around for a few years now, and it’s safe to say that it has had a significant impact on our society. 

Here are some interesting facts about how selfie stick affects our lives:

  • It’s deadlier than sharks. In 2016, there were 8 deaths caused by taking selfies while driving, while in 2015 there were 10 deaths caused by taking selfies while driving. This is almost as many as the number of deaths caused by sharks (12).
  • It changed the whole photography industry. The selfie stick has had an impact on society by changing the way we take photos. In the past few years, there has been an increase in people taking selfies and sharing them online.

The invention of the selfie stick

Hiroshi Ueda is the inventor of the selfie stick. In 1983, he was a Japanese-American engineer working for Sony. 

He noticed that his camera was not taking pictures at arm’s length, so he invented a device that would allow him to take pictures from further away.

He had the idea to make a stick that would extend his camera away from him, allowing him to take pictures without getting in his own way. 

He made a prototype out of aluminum tubing and leather straps and gave it to Sony, who didn’t think it was very useful.

Hiroshi had no idea that it would be so popular, but in the early 2010s, it became an essential part of any tourist’s travel kit. 

It’s estimated that there are now over 100 million selfie sticks in use around the world.

When was selfie stick invented?

The selfie stick is a device that makes it possible to take pictures of yourself from a distance – usually with a smartphone on the end. But when was it invented?

We can say that the first, primitive, variant of the selfie stick was made in 1925 by Arnold Hogg. 

Also, take a look at the best 1920s inventions.

He took the first-ever selfie photo and is considered by many to be the father of self-portraiture.

Later on, 1983 was a turning-point, when Hiroshi Ueda and Mima Yujiro patented the Telescopic extender. 

Over time, selfie sticks have become more portable and easier to use than ever before!

How to use selfie stick?

Gimbal selfie stick

Selfie sticks are a great way to get more out of your phone cameras. 

They give you the ability to take photos from a distance, giving you more of your surroundings in the shot. 

They also allow you to capture photos from different angles, which can help add variety to your Instagram feed.

So, how to use a selfie stick? Selfie sticks are used in many different ways. 

Some people use them for group shots or to capture scenic views, while others use them for selfies or group selfies.

Here are some of the ways you can use selfie sticks:

With Bluetooth

The first step to using a selfie stick is to turn on your Bluetooth. 

Many selfie sticks have a button that allows you to turn the Bluetooth on and off, but if yours doesn’t, you can find it in Settings > Bluetooth on your phone.

With iPhone

For iPhone users, there are two ways to use a selfie stick:

  1. Open the camera app on your phone and open the settings page by tapping the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen.
  1. Scroll down until you see “self-timer.” Tap it and choose how long you’d like the timer to be. You can also choose whether or not to use a countdown before it takes your photo.

For Android

You need to have Android 6.0 or later version of Android to use a selfie stick. 

If you don’t have this version yet, then go ahead and upgrade your operating system right now! 

When your android is updated, all you have to do is to connect the stick to your phone.


You can use any standard or professional tripod with your selfie stick, as long as it has an adapter that allows it to connect with the mount on your phone.

If you don’t have a tripod but want one for taking photos with your new selfie stick, we recommend looking for one that’s lightweight but sturdy enough for holding up heavy camera equipment like DSLR cameras.

Gimbal selfie stick

The selfie stick with gimbal stabilizer is perfect for anyone who loves taking selfies and wants a quick and easy way to take clear photos without having to hold the phone in your hand. 

The two-axis gimbal keeps your phone stable while you snap away so that you can get the shot every time.

The gimbal selfie stick is compatible with all smartphones on the market today, so there’s no need to worry about whether or not it will work with your device. 

Instead, just pick up one of these handy gadgets and start snapping away!


Let’s check some of the most frequently asked questions about selfie sticks.

Why are selfie sticks banned?

The selfie stick is a tool that just like any other can be used safely and responsibly. However, some people use them irresponsibly, selfie sticks cause human and animal endangerment.

Who invented the selfie stick in 1983?

Mima Yujiro and Hiroshi Ueda invented the selfie stick in 1983. They were inspired by a man who used a pole to take photos of himself inside an art museum, and they decided to improve upon the idea.

What was the selfie stick originally invented for?

The selfie stick was originally invented for one reason: to make photo shooting easier. The idea is simple: you can get in your own shot without having to ask strangers to take it for you.


Well, hopefully, this article has given you some insight into what’s known about the individual who invented the selfie stick, along with a few other fun facts. 

Although this invention has existed for almost 40 years, it’s safe to say that for the last 10 years, it has become an inevitable part of our lives