Who Invented Slime? [When, How & Why]

People invent hundreds of things every year; toys, accessories, technology…but have you ever wondered who invented slime? This article will try to explain everything about this gooey substance. So, let’s see, who, why, and when was slime invented?

The slime toy was invented by a company named Mattel back in 1976. These toys were very popular amongst kids and the internet grew its popularity again in the 2010s.

There are a lot of different slime recipes and they can come in various shapes, textures, and even smells. The slime toy is also known to have some beneficial effects on people, especially kids.

Who Is The Person Who Invented Slime?

when was slime first invented

There are a lot of arguments about who invented slime in the first place.

But in general, people relate the invention of slime with a toy company named Mattel in 1976, a company known for its wide variety of toys.

This was the first time that people could buy a slime that was ready to play, right out of the box.

The slime was so popular that it became one of their best-selling products, and that lasted until the early 2000s.

The reason why kids fell in love with this toy is that it was such a unique experience.

There was nothing else like it on the market at the time, and no other companies were making anything similar to this new slime toy.

The texture, feel and colors were all new and exciting for kids who were looking to get their hands on something new and different.

Mattel’s marketing strategy was also very effective because they marketed their product as being “realistic” slimes.

Using different colors like green, yellow and red, all of which seemed very realistic when compared to actual food coloring used in foods like Jell-O pudding cups or cake batter mixers.

So, there are a lot of different claims as to who first made slime, but the general perception attributes it to a company that brought it to consumers in mass.

Who Invented Slime With Glue?

There are a few different mixtures to make slime and one of the most common ones is by using glue.

This was the first commercially available slime and was made by Mattel Toy Company.

The materials used were guar gum and PVA glue, combined with a few other ingredients that still remain a secret.

Since then, people have come up with lots of different ways to make slime with glue.

Some add glitters or confetti into their slime; others add food coloring or other ingredients like shaving cream or cornstarch; while still others try mixing different colors together!

Who Invented Slime Lickers?

The slime lickers are thought to be made by a company named Toxic Waste, however, there is no specific data on when or how they came into existence.

The only known fact is that they became an instant hit due to the Tik Tok trend in the winter of 2020.

There is also a well-known fact that buying one of these sweets is almost a myth since the supply is almost non-existent.

The company focuses on sour tastes, so that is exactly what you can expect from slime lickers as well.

There are two know flavors so far: raspberry and strawberry.

Who Invented Cloud Slime?

It is not really known who first invented a cloud slime, but it is definitely one of many ”internet sensations” again.

People all over the world are competing on who can make bigger and fluffier slime that has cloud-like consistency.

There are many Youtube videos explaining how to make cloud slime, including cloud slime recipes from various ingredients.

It’s a gooey substance that can be made from water, food coloring, and borax, which is a chemical compound that can be found at most grocery stores. It is easy to make and very safe to play with.

Who Invented Jelly Slime?

The history of jelly slime goes back to 1976 when the toy company Mattel released a kit that allowed kids to make their own gooey, stretchy slime.

The kit included a plastic container and a packet of powder that you stirred into water.

Once you’d mixed up your slime, you could play with it in the container or pour it out onto a flat surface so it would dry into a hard-to-clean sheet of goo.

After this first batch of jelly slime was produced for sale, other companies began making their own versions using different ingredients and different methods for making the slime.

Who Invented Magnetic Slime?

The magnetic slime was invented by Prof Li Zhang of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2022.

A team from the university was working on a new kind of slime that could be used for industrial purposes, and they needed a magnetic component to make it work.

They went through many iterations but eventually came up with a formula that worked.

The result is a substance that behaves like a liquid or solid and can be manipulated by magnets to form shapes or structures.

It can actually self-heal, conduct electricity and squeeze through narrow spaces.

Who Invented Butter Slime?

magnetic jelly cloud slime

The most recognizable butter slime was invented and is produced by a company named “OG”.

Their products come in different shapes and textures, but the most interesting feature is the smell.

Butter slimes usually look like food, like ice creams or waffles, when they come out of the box.

They are very interesting and really fun to play with.

However, you should note that these slimes, no matter the looks and smell, are not food!

They are not meant for eating and you should always take extra precautions when children play with them.

Who Invented Fluffy Slime?

The inventor of fluffy slime is Karina Garcia.

The internet’s “slime queen” has gone from waitressing to making millions in just a few years, largely to the fact that she turned her love of crafting into a full-time career.

Her signature style is fluffy slime—a type of slime that’s super soft and fluffy, and popular among kids.

When Was Slime Invented?

There are a lot of reports of slimes in the early 1900s, but the first company mass producing and selling them was Mattel Toy Company, back in 1976.

This was the first commercially available slime that people could buy and play with it.

So, when was slime invented?

The slime was invented in 1976. Given the facts, Mattel company is responsible for making the slime known to the world.

When Was Slime First Invented?

There are some reports of the first slimes, being made in the early 1900s, but there is no definitive proof of that.

In general, the first “out of the box” slime was made by Mattel company in 1976.

When Was Fluffy Slime Invented?

The exact date of the fluffy slime invention is not clear, but around 2017 it became widely known on Youtube and other social platforms.

The fluffy slime is actually just a slime with some shaving cream added. So you could imagine that someone might have tried this way earlier.

When Was Butter Slime Invented?

There are no known records of when was butter slime invented. People started mixing various ingredients in slimes years ago.

Butter slime as it is called, is usually mixed with clay or similar materials, to become less sticky and less stretchy. However, people love it for its texture.

When Was Pink Slime Invented?

The first known records of pink slime date back to 1981, but it was in 1990 that the USA approved the use of technology to mass produce pink slime.

It was created as a means of reducing food waste by using connective tissue found in meat processing plants, which would otherwise be discarded.

Pink slime is now used in more than 70% of ground beef products sold in American supermarkets.

Where Was Slime Invented?

The slime was officially invented in the USA, by a company named Mattel in 1976.

It is an American toy manufacturing company that was founded back in 1945.

They produced a lot of different toys since, including a few variations of slime toys.  The company is still very popular and recognizable around the world.

How Was Slime Invented And Created?

In 1976, the Mattel Toy company focused on making the stickiest and at the same time the funniest toy yet.

Mixing together the ingredients for slime was not a secret at that time, but a company capitalized on delivering them into stores, fresh and ready to play.

It was an instant hit, and every kid in the USA knew and love these toys. They were often used for pranks. Regarding how was slime invented, the recipe was known for decades already.

Why Was slime Invented? (Benefits included)

Many people are wondering why was slime invented in the first place. Well, the answer is a toy.

Back in 1976, the Mattel Toy company saw the opportunity to introduce their version of slime toy to people.

It became a hit overnight and the company produced the slimes for well over 30 years.

In the 2000s, this toy’s popularity went down a bit, probably due to all the technology emerging at that time.

These days, however, the slimes are again getting some more popularity, as they are recognized to have multiple benefits to children and in rehab programs.

Benefits of slime (For Toddlers and Adults)

There are many benefits of slime for kids and adults.

Playing with slime is a fun activity that promotes focus, activates the brain, and experiments with this fun toy.

Slime-making is an independent playtime activity that allows kids to explore without needing any help from an adult or teacher.

It can also help with developing fine motor skills. These are important as they help children develop their abilities later on in life.

It is also known to promote brain activity, so it can improve your child’s ability to focus on the task at hand and ignore distractions around them (like siblings!).

It also teaches them how to set goals and work toward achieving them, which helps develop their self-esteem as well as their social skills since they’re engaging with others while making their slimes!

The History Of Slime

The slime toy was invented and produced by a company named Mattel and it was sold in shops in 1976.

It was green and oozed like a liquid; made primarily of guar gum, it was a non-toxic substance.

Over time, the company released different variations, including slime containing rubber insects, eyeballs, and worms.

In general, the history of slime begins with the Mattel Toy company, as it was the first one that made the product and delivered it to shops.

How To Make Fluffy Cloud Slime Recipe

Here are the ingredients for making your own fluffy cloud slime:

  • 1,1/4 cup of Elmer’s Glue-All in a bowl.
  • 2 Tablespoons of Borax (found in the laundry aisle).
  • 3 Tablespoons of water.
  • 2-3 drops of food coloring, or more if desired (optional).
  • Add some shaving foam

In a bowl, mix together the water and Borax. Slowly add in the glue while stirring.

Keep adding more until you get a cloud-like consistency. If you want your fluffy slime to be colored, add food coloring to your desired color and mix well.

This slime is best left out to dry overnight; however, it can be used right away if you wish!

How To Make Magnetic Slime Without Iron Oxide Invention?

In general, the magnetic slime is nothing more than a slime with added metal or any other material that reacts to magnets.

If you are wondering how to make magnetic slime without iron oxide, it is actually pretty simple.

Take whatever recipe works for you when making slime and simply add some iron fillings or something similar.

The slime should now have magnetic properties while still retaining its basic shape and texture.

Who invented the first slime?

The first slime was invented in the early 1900s, however, the first mass-produced slime was made by Mattel Toy company in 1976.

When did slime get popular?

The slime toy got extremely popular right after 1976 when Mattel company released its first batch of slimes in the stores. These toys were an instant hit back then and their popularity did not stop until the early 2000s.

What was the first color of slime?

The first commercially available slime was a light green color. It was made in the USA by Mattel company, in 1976.

Is slime safe for kids?

Yes, the slime is perfectly safe for kids to play with, however, you should still pay attention so they do not eat them.
In general, it should be used by kids that are over 6 years old.

Do adults play with slime?

Slime is a fun activity that kids and adults can enjoy together. Kids tend to play with slime because it’s a fun tactile experience, while adults tend to play with slime because it’s a fun visual experience.

Is slime still popular in 2022?

Slime is still popular in 2022. In fact, we’re not sure it’s ever been less popular. Slime has yet to go out of style and will likely continue to be a staple of the 2020s and beyond.


The invention of the slime goes way back to the early 1900s, however, it wasn’t before 1976 when a toy company from the USA named Mattel made the first commercially available product for sale.

The slime toy was inspired by many TV shows of that era, making toy monsters that were made out of this new material.

It was sticky, gooey, and most of all…fun to play with. While children love to play with it, adults often use it as a way of stress relief.

The late 2010s made the slimes popular once again, thanks to people posting their own recipes on social platforms like Youtube, Instagram, etc.