Who Invented Rocking Chair? [When, Where & How]

You are probably reading this article because you are eager to find out who invented rocking chair. However, most people don’t even care about it, as long as they can sit on it, watch TV and read the newspaper after a hard day’s work. But did you ever wonder who invented the rocking chair?

The rocking chair was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1758. He was a scientist, inventor, and politician from the United States. He is often referred to as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

What we know for sure is that the rocking chair is one of the oldest pieces of furniture existing. Let’s find out about its history and discover some interesting facts about the rocking chair and why there are so many different types!

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Who Invented Rocking Chair?

Who Invented the Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is an easy type of chair that put the user into soothing rocking motions.

The simplest and earliest design of a rocking chair has four legs and a seat, with no armrests or back. But who invented rocking chair?

When you try to investigate who invented the rocking chair, one well-known name will pop up: Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin invented the rocking chair in 1758.

He was a prolific inventor and was responsible for many inventions that are still in use today.

One of these is the rocking chair, which he created for his wife Deborah, whom he married in 1730. The rocking chair was a gift to her on their first anniversary together.

Franklin’s rocking chair had a wooden frame and leather cushions, as well as a high back and armrests.

It served as a place where she could sit comfortably while rocking her babies or reading her books.

There were also other uses for the rocking chair: it could be used to rock sick children back to health or even to put an injured person into a sleep state so they could heal properly!

Franklin’s design was so popular that he made more than one hundred copies of his original model during his lifetime.

He continued working on new designs until he passed away in 1790 at the age of 84.

When Was the Rocking Chair Invented?

When was the rocking chair invented? Benjamin Franklin invented the rocking chair in 1757.

He did this because he wanted to see if there was a way to invent a chair that would allow a person to sit and rock back and forth without having to use their hands.

The rocking chair was not very popular until after the Civil War.

The design of the rocking chair has changed over time, but it is still used today as an elegant way for people to relax or have conversations with others.

Where Was Rocking Chair Invented?

There are many stories about where was the rocking chair invented.

Some say it was invented by Benjamin Franklin in America, while others say it was invented by British furniture makers such as Thomas Chippendale and George Hepplewhite.

The truth is that all these people contributed to the design of the modern rocking chair. Chippendale and Hepplewhite were the ones who made the first rocking chair, but Benjamin Franklin was a famous figure who spread the word across the world about rocking chairs.

Today, there are many styles of rockers available including:

  • traditional wooden ones that have been stained or painted in bright colors to match your decorating theme;
  • wicker ones that look like they belong on the front porch;
  • outdoor-friendly plastic ones that can be left outside all year round;
  • indoor-only models made from steel frames or aluminum frames;

How Was the Rocking Chair Invented?

So how was the rocking chair invented? Benjamin Franklin wanted to make himself comfortable. He decided he wanted a rocking chair.

He thought about how he could make it happen, and when he came up with an idea. He had someone build him a chair that would rock back and forth when you sat in it.

Franklin’s rocker was made out of wood and had curved legs that supported the seat and backrest.

The curved legs allow for greater comfort for people who sat in them because they didn’t have to hold themselves up entirely with their leg muscles as they did in straight-backed chairs.

Why Were Rocking Chairs Invented?

Rocking chairs are a common sight in many homes and offices around the world. But why were rocking chairs invented?

They have been in use for centuries, but their invention is not well documented. However, it is believed that they were first invented by Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century.

In his autobiography, Franklin mentions that he built a rocking chair for his daughter when she was born.

He also says that it was very easy to build one as all he had to do was buy some wood, nails, and glass and then put them together.

In addition to being easy to make, rocking chairs are also very comfortable to sit on because they allow you to move back and forth without having to keep your feet on the ground all the time.

History of the Rocking Chairs?

Rocking chair history starts with Benjamin Franklin. He was looking for a way to take a break from his busy schedule of inventing things, and he decided that rocking would be best for him.

Franklin decided to name his invention the “rocking chair,” which is a very clever play on words.

This was because rocking was something that you did in order to sit down and rest, so it made sense to call it by this name.

Franklin also came up with another clever idea: he wanted people to be able to use the rocking chair while they were sitting on it!

This meant that they had to be able to get up without falling off, so he made sure that there were handles on each side of the chair so that people could pull themselves up.

This was an important innovation because before this time most chairs did not have handles on them or any other way for people to get up easily from them (you had to stand up yourself).

This led many people who used these chairs before Franklin’s invention into accidents where they fell off them and hurt themselves badly enough that they needed medical attention from doctors like Benjamin Franklin himself!

Types of Rocking Chairs

There are many different types of rocking chairs available today. Here are some famous examples:

  • Boston (early rocking chairs)—The design is simple and traditional, but it can be made from different materials such as oak or pine wood.
  • Kenndy—Kennedy chair, made for JFK. This type of rocking chair was created by Ethan Allen in 1965 specifically for President John F. Kennedy’s White House office.
  • Wicker—This type of chair is made from woven cane or rattan that has been shaped into a chair frame. The seat and back are often padded for comfort.
  • Folding rocking chairs—Folding rocking chair folds flat when not in use so it takes up less storage space than other types of chairs do when not in use.
  • Bentwood—This wood rocking chair is made from strips of wood that are bent into shape to create the seat and backrest.
  • Peter Cooper—Made in Victorian style. They are relatively inexpensive but are still quite comfortable and sturdy enough for everyday use.
  • Ladder back—This type of rocking chair has slats on the back that look like a ladder when viewed from behind it.
  • Pressed back—This type of chair has a pressed back that is flat against the wall behind it when it is not being rocked.

Rocking Chair Benefits

Rocking chairs are very comfortable for reading, watching TV, and sleeping. Here are the 5 main rocking chair benefits:

  1. Eases back pain—Sitting on a rocking chair can help with easing back pain as it helps provide comfort for your lower back.
  2. Cures insomnia—The gentle rocking motion of the chair can definitely help you fall asleep faster without any side effects like drowsiness afterward.
  3. Relieves stress and tension—Rocking chairs are also excellent for relaxation as they help you unwind after a long day at work or even after doing some chores around the house.
  4. Improves blood circulation in the body—When you sit in a rocking chair, your body is forced to engage its core muscles in order to maintain balance. This causes your heart rate and blood pressure to rise slightly, which improves blood flow throughout your body.
  5. Reduces the risk of developing blood clots—Rocking chairs help prevent DVT by increasing circulation levels throughout the body, which keeps these dangerous pieces of plaque from forming at all.

Rocking Chair Disadvantages

However, they do have some rocking chair disadvantages that you should consider before purchasing one.

For example, here are a few of the rocking chair disadvantages:

  • Less comfortable—They may not be as comfortable as gliders because they don’t provide as much support for your entire body weight.
  • Smaller seat size—Rocking chairs often come with smaller seats than gliders do, which means that it’s harder for larger people to find a good fit for them when shopping.
  • Slim armrests—Slim armrests and backrests can make them less comfortable than gliders.

Kennedy Rocking Chair

Kennedy Rocking Chair

The Kennedy rocking chair was made for President Kennedy to ease his back pain.

It is a rare piece of furniture that has made its way into the National Archives and is on display at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston, Massachusetts.

He suffered from chronic lower back pain and received treatment for it at the Mayo Clinic, where he had two spinal discs removed and replaced with cadaver discs.

The Kennedy rocking chair was created by Thomas C. Wilson, who was a cabinetmaker from Ohio.

It was made from mahogany with a leather seat and back cushion, and it weighed about 250 pounds (110 kg).

The Kennedys had a long-standing love for the outdoors and spent time on their farm in Virginia as well as at the family compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.

The rocking chair was made so that JFK could sit outside and enjoy the view without having to sit up straight.

The rocking chair is made from oak and leather, with an ash seat and backrest. It features a curved backrest designed to cradle its occupant as they rock back and forth.

How Much is a Kennedy Rocker Worth?

The Kennedy rocking chair is a piece of furniture that was handcrafted by JFK in the early 1960s.

It’s meant to be a copy of a chair that was given to him as a gift when he was president.

When Kennedy worked in the Oval Office, he would often sit in one of these chairs and look out the window at the Washington Monument.

The rocker has been displayed at the White House, on Air Force One, and in other places where he’s visited since his death.

This particular chair was valued and sold at the auction for $60,000 in 2018. This price increased over time and, even though it’s not for sale at the moment, it’s estimated at over $100,000.

What Kind of Rocking Chair Did JFK Use?

Many people are intrigued about what kind of rocking chair did JFK use? The chair is made of oak and has a curved back with an oval seat and four straight legs with ball feet.

The seat is covered with black leather upholstery, which has been replaced several times over the years.

The chair has been displayed at the Kennedy Library since its opening in 1979, but it was not until 1994 that a photo of the president sitting in it was released publicly.


I made a list of frequently asked questions about rocking chairs. If you read them, you may find some additional useful information there.

Where did the rocking chair originate?

The rocking chair is believed to have originated in British colonial America. The first rocking chair was invented by Benjamin Franklin.

What’s the point of rocking chairs?

Rocking chairs are made for relaxation, and they can help you reduce stress. They’re also great if you suffer from back pain.

What are the legs of a rocking chair called?

The legs of a rocking chair are called rockers. The rockers are the part of the chair that allows movement forward and backward. They are usually made of wood and can be either curved or straight.

What is a Boston rocking chair?

It’s a simple, traditional chair, usually made of oak or pine wood. Its simplicity made it one of the most popular types of chair.


In conclusion, rocking chairs are great to have in your house. It can be a good addition to your house.

As long as you know the pros and cons of each type of rocking chair that you like, then you can choose the best one for your needs.

We hope this article has helped you answer the question of who invented rocking chair and will aid you in spreading your knowledge to others.

And, of course, if you have any additional questions on this topic, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll respond shortly.